Avalanche Lake

Drinking Tea from Dad's Snow Peak
Drinking Tea from Dad’s Snow Peak

In the evening, we started hiking up past Avalanche Gorge to Avalanche Lake. We were almost the only ones there. It was chilly, so my dad made us tea, and we put on warmer clothes. After enjoying the view and trying to sketch the scenery, we all ran the 2 miles back on the trail.


2 thoughts on “Avalanche Lake

  1. ISAAC!!! Great blog you’ve started!

    We miss you a LOT! The world is not the same without seeing you Dalrymples on a regular basis.
    I have enjoyed reading the blog posts from each of you and seeing the pictures from all your adventures. I love that you are getting to experience these things. You are on an adventure of a lifetime.
    Keep posting your drawings, I like seeing them. : ) I like that you are getting to draw such beautiful places. I would love to see your waterfalls or mountain drawings. I really enjoy seeing your creations.
    Remember us back in good ol’ Austin and come home once you’re done exploring. Give all the family a hug or high five from us.

    Miss you,
    Sarah 🙂


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