I like to draw

I like to draw animals and nature and sometimes faces. We usually take our moleskines up on our hikes, and usually at the top there are pretty lakes and waterfalls that we get to draw. My mom says that drawing is great for observing details, appreciating beauty, and learning to focus. It also helps me to have great handwriting.:)


IMG_2442 2


4 thoughts on “I like to draw

  1. Isaac, so glad you’re loving drawing all the beautiful sites that God has made for us to see! I can’t wait to see some of your drawings! Jonas says hi and we both miss all of you! Happy Trails!

    I just saw some of your drawings and they’re great!


    1. Mrs. Mary! I miss you too. And scootering around the neighborhood with all the kids a lot. I’ll try to add more drawings soon. And hope you are enjoying your new house.



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