The Ranch



This is my friends ranch. He had three 4 wheelers and an awesome  kids dirt bike that I was riding. We went 4 wheeling and dirt biking every day. And I got pretty good at it. And then we went fishing a lot too on a boat. That was really fun. It’s really fun to dirt bike. It’s like riding a bike thats just ten times faster. He had a awesome trail to 4 wheel and dirt bike. And then after that we got to shoot guns that was really fun. I had a really good shot.

The Ranch was super cool!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Ranch

  1. Awesome! I remember when I was kid riding my Honda 100. It brought back a lot of memories. Riding and fishing a lot. Thanks for sharing Isaac. I am glad you are have a great time. Enjoy the journey. Miss you a lot.

    Mr. Jeff


    1. Thanks for the comment! Mr. Jeff! I would have loved to ride with you when young. I’ll try to post a lot more now! Miss you a lot.

      Love Isaac 🙂


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