Mt. Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier was about a two hour drive from Seattle. It was sooooo worth it! When we got there, there was snow everywhere! We slid down a hill covered with snow. We went so fast down it. And then we ate lunch outside the visitor center with all our Snow peak gear. And then my mom and dad said it was time to hike. It was a awesome and pretty hike! Me and my Brother and sister kept walking and laughing and throwing snowballs at each other.and jumping in the snow. Until my mom and dad said we could stop here to make hot chocolate and apple cider. And then I spotted out a black fox. He was really cute. We watched him until he was out of site. And then me and my brother and sister had races in the snow. We had so much fun doing that. And then my dad called us to have hot chocolate. Until it got dark. It was scary hiking back in the dark. Because there were all kinds of animals including bears. We are usually the last ones out hiking.

Mt. Rainier was awesome!!!!!




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