Wallace Falls State Park

Wallace falls was crazy! It was a very pretty forest. Me an my brother and sister ran almost all the way to middle falls. It was all up hill. It was like cross country running. We were jumping off and over everything! It was so cool! When we got to the middle falls it was almost all covered with fog. We could barely see the top. But it still was very pretty and really tall. After that we ran back down to the small falls to eat dinner. The dinner was really good. And then I had to clean my mug out. So then I got some water rinsed it out and then chucked the water out over the cliff but then my Hotlips were still on my mug if you know what those are. And they went flying off my mug into the forest. We went looking for them but we didn’t find them because it was getting really dark fast. So then we had to hike two miles in the forest and in the dark to the car. It was very very scary. But we had flashlights. On the way back we tried to find a Geocache but we couldn’t because it was really dark. But we ended up safely in the car.

Wallace falls was a really cool and scary adventure!!!!!!




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