10 Things

My mom and my Aunt Dee Dee both sent me a list of 10 things, since I turned 10.


From Aunt Dee Dee and Uncle Steve:

You are 10! You made it to the double digits! Good luck getting to the triple digits! 😉 Here are 10 reasons we think you are great!

1. You think of others including animals, kids and your sister.
2. You have good one-liners.
3. You like to practice your skills; guitar, lacrosse and drawing.
4. You have a sweet heart.
5. You like to try new foods and are an adventurous eater.
6. You have artistic talent.
7. You are the author of our favorite quote, “THese are the consequences of being a foodie.”
8. You do a great chipmunk impression of Ke$ha and the Black Eyed Peas.
9. You can make a fedora look cool.
10. You taught Uncle Steve how to play lacrosse.
We hope you have a great day!

From my mom:

You are 10 years old now!!  What a fun age! It will be filled with countless memories, exploring, traveling and learning so much about life, work, and people. I love you, Little Mister. Never doubt that for an instance. You capture my heart, again and again, in a million ways, every single day.
I want you to know how much I LOVE you. Here are 10 things I LOVE about you:
1. You have a cheerful personality – you wake up happy, look for reasons to laugh, and always give the room a positive energy when you are around.
2. You are easy – you’re such an neat person to hang around with. You ask great questions, listen well, and have a lot of interesting things to share. You are friendly and make friends easily.
3. You think deeply – you offer great insight and you seek meaning about the deep, important things of life.
4. You are an artist – in every way, you have a creative bent, with music, drawing, design, presentation. You see things that others do not, and you care about the details enough to make them beautiful.
5. You are an athlete – you can learn new skills so quickly. You can watch someone do something and seek to copy it intuitively. Your passion for soccer and lacrosse is fun to see. I love watching your games. I love watching you enjoy practicing.
6. You are funny – I don’t know how you always do it, but you say that funniest things, all the time. Your delivery is perfect, the words, the timing, the emotion.
7. You feel others – You can put yourself in others shoes when you choose to. You can always tell when I’m not having a great day, and you are the first to give me your best hugs. Thanks for loving me well.
8. You are passionate – Gabe was right, whatever you like, you REALLY like. Animals, cars, knives, music, sports, snowboards . . .Your passion is inspiring and contagious. You can’t help but research it, talk about it, and do it as much as you can.
9. You are a musician – God gave you a neat talent for music. Thank you for filling our home with songs. I hope the guitar is always a part of who you are and an outlet for meaningful expression.
10. You love a good story – you really tune in when there is a great story to hear, whether in a book or from someone aloud. You appreciate the drama, the message, and details. You will always be a great storyteller, too.

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