Snowboarding Finally :)


We went snowboarding at Brighton Resort for the past three days in SLC with our Uncle Mike! We learned how to carve super fast. And after that me and my brother were so fast! And we usually beat our dad down. And dad if you are reading this NO OFFENSE! My dad brother and Uncle Mike all snowboard. And all have our own boards. And my mom and sister ski. But my sis wants to learn how to snowboard.

It was like super cold at Brighton. And when I say cold I mean like 5 degrees cold! So every day we wore like four layers Up to the mountain. We went snowboarding/Skiing Thursday Friday and Sunday. On Saturday it snowed sooooo much! So we had really good powder on Sunday. And it was sunny. It was a prefect day to snowboard! So it was packed 😦 But we still had so much fun!


Can’t wait for our next Snowboarding trip!


BA BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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