Snowboarding At Wolf Mountain


Wolf mountain is pretty small and when I mean small I mean three ski lifts small but we learned allot of things. Gabe and I learned how to do rails box rails and tons of side jumps in the park. And Jadyn learned how to carve really really fast!

It’s pretty cool because wolf mountain opens at nine and closes at nine so we got to go night skiing/snowboarding for the first time! It was really cool because like nobody was on the mountain so we didn’t have to worry about running into people.

So in the park I did a fun box a rail that shoots you upwards and then a long rail and a jump. And now all my family snowboards and all of us have boards now except for my mom. My sisters board is so cute so it’s just like her 🙂 It’s only like 100 cm! It was the last time we snowboarded in Utah but in the past we have been to Brighton Snowbird Park city and Sundance thats where my mom took the pic from above and spent Christmas there. Canyons and Wolf mountain. Anyway we all had a great time and learned allot at wolf mountain. Can’t wait to shred in Colorado!



2 thoughts on “Snowboarding At Wolf Mountain

  1. AWESOME! I am glad you are having fun. That is a great picture of you from above! Thanks for sharing. Miss you a lot!

    Mr. Jeff


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