The Stefanko's


The Stefanko’s was so fun.Probably you are wondering who are the Stefanko’s? The Stefanko’s are my sisters best friends Grandma and Grandpa named Tim and Nancy.

I know that might be a little confusing but just read it again. So! we went there twice! The first time we went shooting with my whole family but Jadyn couldn’t really lift the guns up.

The second time we stayed there for four days! The second day we went coyote hunting with my Dad Gabe and Mr. Tim. First we went up on a hill and hid behind a rock all in camo. I carried an M4 as you can see up in the pic and my Dad carried an a AR10. We waited there for about 30 mins it felt so cool being there it felt like I was a Sniper. But we didn’t see one but we tried another spot but still didn’t see one. So we just went to see old indian shards.

Just to let you know we are on a 4 wheel drive road out in the middle of no where in canyons of the ancients in UT. After we did that we just used our ammo to shoot rocks with a Ruger M4 AR10 and I forgot what pistol Mr. Tim had. I shot a really little part of a rock like 14 times in a row from 63 yards away. Almost the whole mag! After that we went to huge indian towers.


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