Getting Stuck In The Middle Of No Where

First of all we were going down the road at sunset on this crazy road. And then we were DUMB.

We tried to get through this huge snowdrift without 4 by four and of course we got stuck! We tried to dig the car out but no use. We thought that since the sun was going down we only had 45 minutes of daylight. We saw a house really far away probably like 2 miles over hills and through trees but we were dumb enough to go try and get to it.



But it was getting dark really fast and we turned away from the house and went through the woods trying to get back to the road, finally we got to a stream that we had to cross in the dark but don’t worry we had plenty of flash lights, so when we crossed the stream we saw a huge boulder field that we had to go up in the dark cold as hell, and just tough it out.

Finally we got to the top of the boulder field. we found the road and just kept going down it, until we found a little cell signal so we called 911 and they answered for a little bit and then they couldn’t hear us and hung up, so we just kept going down the road and found again another cell signal that was good so we called 911 again and they answered and we told them that we were stuck so they told us that three police cars were coming for us.

So we kept going up the road but found a T in the road so we settled down started a fire and waited, cooked some mountain house meals and ate. So we waited for about another hour by the fire and said let’s go down the road more north cause thats where we told them we’d keep walking so we did for about 1 mile and then made a decision to walk all the way back to the car in case the police didn’t come, so we started walking back talking and then we saw lights coming towards us and we thought HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!

So the police drive up to us in there huge 4 by fours so my mom and my sister and me got into one car and my dad and my brother in the other. So when we got in they told us that there was a helicopter even coming for us from Salt Lake cause they just got bored. And he told us that we were the 4th call of the month!

When they drove us back to the car they towed us out and I still cant believe that we were out there for five hours in the dark. So we got back to St. George at 2 in the morning and we didn’t even know that we were going to sleep in a house that night.

Now I see that all humans take warmth for granted and a bed and stoves and all that stuff, and just remember this was all on easter night craziest easter ever!


Ba Bam!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Getting Stuck In The Middle Of No Where

  1. Thank goodness you guys are safe! I can’t imagine everything that went through your mind last night. Love you guys. I loved reading about it from your perspective Isaac. We miss you!


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