The Halls – Part 1




On top of angels landing


The bear

These past months we’ve been hanging out with the Halls. They have four kids a 6, 8, 10, and 12 year old. I’ve known them ever since I was born. The 10 year old is named Sam. He’s my best friend:) we’ve done so much with them! And I forgot to mention there traveling around the country too! When we first saw them we were in St. George Utah, where Brice and Zion were. First we did Zion, the hardest most strenuous hike, Angels landing. I know what your thinking if you have been to Zion, they just went up to the chains and back. But we went all the way up together. After we got all the way down everybody was like yay!!!!

If you don’t know that much about Angels landing there’s a 1,000 Ft drop off on each side, a few people have died! After that we went to Brice and hiked the hoodoos. It was like a 7 mile hike. It was pretty pretty as I say:)

In St. George it was really cool cause there was a rec center right next to us, so I swam a lot of laps there and we invited the Halls over a lot too. Well after that we went up to California and Yosemite. That was epic! There were tons of waterfalls mountains and animals. We only did like 3 hikes while we were there:)

And I forgot to say that from St. George we did the Grand Canyon just as a 2 day trip.

From St. George my brother and I traveled in the Halls RV to Death Valley national park where it was super windy and one of the or the hottest place on the earth of 134 degrees. We didn’t really do much there but drive around because it super hot!

So back to Yosemite:) from Yosemite we went to Sequoia and kings canyon national park where the Halls saw there first bear with us and cubs BONUS!!!! From the bear we were going to this huge Sequoia that I forgot the name of because we’ve been to so many.) and this is where I’m going to stop because there’s going to be a part two BOOOOM!


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