Alaska-Part 1

A few weeks ago we visited Anchorage Alaska. And it was about a 4 hour flight over there from Portland Oregon. When we landed at about 12:00 am we found to our surprise that the sun had just started to set. And we were thinking……what the heck? So after we were awed buy how the sun sets:) we got a taxi and drove to our condo at about 1:30 am got to bed at 2:00. So I’m technically just telling you how we arrived:) so not to make this post super long I don’t want to tell you about every single day so I’m going to just tell you the highlights. So our first highlight was……..well do you really want to hear it??? ok I’ll just tell you:) we drove on the Seward highway for about an hour to Kenai Fjords National Park where we saw Exit glacier our first glacier in Alaska which was a little bigger than a football field.IMG_4925

After Kenai we went on this once in a lifetime Alaska cruise tour (just to let you know we did a lot of once in a lifetime things over the past two years.) On the tour we saw a ton of amazing things first we saw a beautiful triple falls with really rare and really cute kind of seagull that you can only find in Alaska in that spot in the summer.


Next thing we saw were a ton of sea otters with a beautiful landscape behind them with three massive glaciers the otters were soooooooooo cute!!!!!!! You just want to pick them up out of the water and give them a big hug. Some even had baby’s on them just chilling literally there were icebergs in the water that they were laying on:) next thing we saw was the highlight of the trip. Why we did this boat thing. it was a massive glacier it was called surprise glacier and when I say massive I mean MASSIVE!!!IMG_5190 It was so pretty from the front that I thought I was in a deferent world. And the picture above or me trying to describe it still won’t be the same as seeing it with your own eyes. So what am I trying to get at is that your just going to have to go there yourself:)

Surprise Glacier from Above


here’s another picture from the web from above. We only saw one little section of it. That’s how massive it was.

So we stayed at the glacier for about 15 more minutes and then moved on through this really pretty passage way where there was forest all around us and we kept saying when you think of Alaska this is what you picture. There was a bald eagle flying overhead huge trees beautiful lush mountains and waterfalls around us. We truly saw the wild side in Alaska.

At the end of the passage way we got to see a humpback whale which was beautiful and we even got to see I It’s fluke and if you guys don’t know what a fluke is It’s a whales tale:) after we saw the whale we saw some sea lions that were pretty big and I’ve seen a lot of sea lions:) after that we went to a salmon hatchery which was cool we got to see them jump and all that cool stuff you know about salmon. And when we pulled out of the salmon hatchery me Gabe and Jadyn got our jr. Ranger badges and we got to carry around deferent animal skins. That was pretty cool.


In this picture that’s a sea otter skin we are holding. So after we did the pledge and all that jr. Ranger stuff we’ve done like a million times we landed back in the bay in Whittier and that was our second highlight.

And in between all these highlights we did a couple track meets at the Dome if you haven’t heard of the Dome which you probably haven’t look it up right now and you’ll see It’s a big deal:). IMG_5486After all the track meets and stuff we did this little hike to the top of this mountain called Flat Top mountain. My mom and my Dad already hiked this mountain for a little midnight date and said it was really cool so they wanted to take us on it.

We started at about 6:00 and got to the top at 7:30 my mom and Jadyn tho didn’t make it up and stopped halfway because it was so windy and it was all uphill with stairs and rocks to get to the peak. So me Gabe and my Dad kept going it was so steep we were technically climbing up these huge rocks. Finally when we got to the top where there were like 50 mph wind you could barely walk without it pushing you back. We stayed there for about 15 more minutes and then went down again and got in the car with Jadyn and Mom at 8:30.

This is the end of part one. Will be writing part two shortly:)






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