How to get into YoYoing and get GOOD!



I want to help you get into YoYoing if you or one of your friends is interested in it, or even if you just have a yoyo laying around somewhere.

Ok so what I usually do is I teach people how to get a good throw first because once you have that, learning tricks is a whole lot easier. Trust me DO NOT SKIP OVER THE THROW! Because some people just think, “Oh, I Don’t Need To Learn That. That’s Too Simple.” Well, it’s actually not. So first thing I tell people is go to and learn that. And once you have that throw down, everything else is a breeze.

The best place to get a yoyo is from There is also a great yoyo shop in Breckenridge, Colorado called YoYoLoco.

By the way I would tell most people has everything! Videos, YoYo’s, Buyer Guides, etc. They will trick you out! They’ll help you from a beginner into a pro. That’s just how I did it 🙂 Watch the videos, watch the buyer guides, follow them on Twitter or Instagram, gain YoYo knowledge and just practice. Bring your YoYo everywhere you go!


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