Team Summit and WoodWard


These past weeks we have been going to Team Summit, and usually afterward we go to Woodward which is an action sports facility that has tramps, foam pits, and an amazing skate facility!

This past time we went to Team Summit I learned some cool stuff like jumping onto a rail straight into a boardslide which is a 90 degree turn while sliding down a box. Well, I learned that, and I hit like a 25 footer jump which I did a nose grab off of too!

My brother did a triple front flip into the foam pits off of a tramp while I was skating with my friend. My friend and I just skated, went on the tramps, and then skated some more. He was really fun to skate with. We do Team Summit together, and he’s about my age, so it worked out awesome!

Oh, also I switched groups. My new instructor is awesome! He can throw double backflips which is pretty sick!


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