The Mindset Behind Getting Work Done Well

When it comes down to work, you have to have the right mindset. Sometimes I can get really down on myself because I’m a perfectionist. I have to just know that I am one, then move on from there. I think that a lot of people just get stuck on one minor set back, then use that as a silly excuse for something that they were responsible for and supposed to get done. You just have to push those thoughts out of your mind and focus on the original project or task ahead of you.

This year has totally changed due to the fact that now I am in public school compared to being home-schooled. I have recently found that you consistently have to always have a positive mental attitude towards the work you are about to get done.

Most of the time I hear kids complaining to the teacher about a bunch of crap. Just because they are lazy and probably spent their time watching Netflix for two hours, instead of doing hard, good, work. But I can relate. Every human being gets distracted and doesn’t keep track of valuable time. I personally have trouble sometimes with focusing and doing something productive in my free time. Even writing this blog article was productive, but I still had to remind myself to focus and finish this article.

But anyway, what I’m trying to say is that even if the productive task is hard to get started on at first, it’s better for the long run in life. It might be a struggle starting hard work at first, but everyone feels the same way. And after you finish that certain task, you feel better inside. You feel like you got something done, and then you can go have free time or watch Netflix. Work first, play second. So, even if you have some free time on your hands, do some productive work first so that you get that out of the way, then have free time.

In school, kids go straight to playing a game when they get assigned a certain task and try to hide what they’re doing from the teacher. I find it satisfying if I do the task at hand first, then play games or watch a video. This mindset behind work I find helps me excel in school. Now I am P.E MVP and greatest artist of the month. Once you have this little habit or idea, it will help you a ton. Kids ask me when I tell them about my grades, “How?” with awe, and I just say, “Because I do” and just leave it at that.

Thank you for reading my thoughts.




2 thoughts on “The Mindset Behind Getting Work Done Well

  1. We are proud of your work ethic, Isaac and love how you have learned to work hard and play hard! Nice article here, and good advice!

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