So Sick! MLL Lacrosse Game!

Oh my gosh! Best game ever!

Okay, so yesterday I went to my first MLL (major league lacrosse) game. The, “Denver Outlaws” vs ” The Chesapeake Bay-hawks” in person after watching countless highlights and plays online. It was probably the best game to by tickets to since the Outlaws were on their home turf and won in overtime! After getting a hat signed by my favorite player “Drew Snider #23” and the rest of the players I look up to I’d say it was overall a very memorable day that I will hopefully always remember and never forget. Let me just tell you that it is so much more different to see something in person. Just like my previous article where I visited D.C. and saw all of the famous monuments. It’s so amazing seeing famous lacrosse players actually play in person with your own two eyes! They were so strong, fast, and skilled moving around the field. It’s like they had super senses of where everyone else was on the field. This is just one of the things that they receive when they put in  hundreds of hours playing the sport. At their level everything is involuntary since they have put in the hard work training their brain to do everything automatically. This goes for every single sport that you play. If you want results you have to work hard. It’s the number of hours off of the field that you put in to becoming a better athlete. Because you know that this is the only way to becoming successful.


Every YouTube video I watch of these lacrosse players you can just see the passion they have for the game because if they didn’t have passion why would they even be where they are, right? You have to have enough passion and love for what you chose to go big on in order to go far in it. Passion is the only thing that drives these players on to work hard. And at the end of the day you might be saying, “Why am I here?” and the only thing that you can think of is, “Because I love it” and that’s all you need to do. If you love something so much, then go BIG on it.


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